Why Mobile Internet May Be Better Than Satellite Internet for Some Rural Residents

If you live in rural America, you may be trying to compare and contrast rural Internet service providers in an effort to find the best rural Internet service provider for your specific needs. Satellite Internet is a popular choice because of its accessibility and its ability to perform well compared to dial-up Internet and other options that are popular in rural America. Despite satellite Internet’s commonly accepted status as a good choice when it comes to Internet for rural areas, there are a few reasons why you may prefer signing up for unlimited 4G rural Internet from a provider such as UbiFi.

First, if you live in a region where there are many obstructions such as tall trees, hills, or mountains, you may have a hard time maintaining a reliable Internet connection. Satellite Internet is notorious for its inconsistency and high-maintenance nature in the presence of obstructions and precipitation. In an area where snow and rain fall frequently, you may want to choose a different type of Internet provider.

Second, UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies offer Internet service that outperforms satellite Internet when it comes to avoiding latency. Satellite Internet has a reputation for high latency because of the delays created by the long distance that Internet signals have to travel to get from satellites in orbit to rural households on the planet’s surface. If you’re looking for the best Internet for rural gaming, mobile 4G Internet is a better option than satellite Internet for this specific reason.

Make sure you are in the coverage area of cell towers controlled by UbiFi or any other mobile 4G Internet provider before signing up for one. Internet performance will be better and more consistent if you are within a provider’s coverage area, so keep this in mind when choosing one.