A Breakdown on E-Beam Evaporation

E-Beam evaporation produces high-quality coatings and provides major benefits to the process. E-Beam evaporation or Electron Beam Evaporation is a type of Physical Vapor Deposition in which the material to be utilized as a coating is essentially bombarded with an electron shaft from a charged tungsten fiber to vanish and change it to a vaporous […]

Some Easy Maintenance Tips for Your GPU

Written by: Start Pac From basic maintenance to advanced tips, servicing your GPU will save a great deal of money.     With airplane starting unit costs reaching up into the thousands, even sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars, you definitely don’t want it to fail due to something that could have been prevented. This is […]

The General Process of Thin Film Evaporation

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC   Thin film evaporation is a common process that utilizes mechanical generation. Thin film evaporation is the process that involves the thermal separation of products in a highly turbulent liquid film. This process occurs in a specially-designed piece of equipment that utilizes temperature sensitive products, rotor blades, and intense mixing […]