Making the Case for Sputter Deposition

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Summary: Learn why sputter deposition provides benefits over other systems. A sputter deposition system is a tool that utilizes physical vapor deposition to allow for a thin film to be placed onto a substrate. Sputtering usually involves argon plasma for it to be effective. One example of sputter deposition is […]

The Evolution of Battery-Powered Vehicles

Jet planes and diesel locomotives both have one thing in common, their source of power. Generated by a heavy-duty battery specifically designed to meet their output levels, technology has advanced to the point where specialty companies are able to sell a portable power pack to aviation or locomotive owners. The Evolution of Batteries The evolution […]

Preparing Specimens for Microscopy

Summary: Specimen preparation is a crucial aspect of electron microscopy. Electron microscopy is an important field that has given humanity glimpses into the natural realm that would not otherwise be possible. Using this technique, we can observe nearly any organic species in its natural element at extremely close angles. However, some preparation is required for […]

Metallization in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is so advanced that manufacturing had to evolve in order to keep pace with the innovation. Though it sometimes feels like the race to space is getting progressively farther out of reach, aerospace has brought many innovations to manufacturing that affect our daily lives too. Vacuum deposition systems, for instance, have completely revolutionized manufacturing. […]

Exploring the Evaporation of Metal

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Summary: Metallization is a process consisting of three phases. Metallization is an advanced manufacturing method that can alter the property of plastics, woods and other materials not normally associated with being “durable.” The process has also substantially reduced costs of products in the retail market. Vacuum metalizing something boils down […]

A Flying Car Could Be On Sale In 2017

This might seem like the future dreamed by the Jetsons with a Back To The Future scenario or even further back to the dreams of Jules Verne. After decades of planning, dreaming and executing, a company finally has plans to commercialize a flying car by the year 2017, which is only 24 months away. Slovakian […]