How Mobile Virtual Network Operators Provide Internet for Rural Areas

Among the Internet providers servicing rural America, there are probably several that come to mind for rural residents who have tried their fair share of Internet service companies over the years. Those who have used satellite Internet service providers might think of HughesNet or Viasat, while those who have sought alternative Internet options might think of mobile rural Internet service providers such as UbiFi.

Like other mobile Internet providers, UbiFi provides high-speed unlimited 4G rural Internet with low latency. These services allow UbiFi to compete with the best rural Internet service providers that cater their products to highly remote and underserved areas of the United States. However, you may be curious to hear that UbiFi has an unorthodox way of providing a high-performance Internet connection to its customers.

UbiFi is a mobile virtual network operator, which means that it does not have its own network or wireless network infrastructure. Instead, it leases the use of cell towers from cellular service providers. This is ideal for providing Internet access to rural towns because you can usually find an abundance of cell towers scattered throughout rural America. In contrast, cable companies that provide Internet services are usually sparse or absent in rural areas.

An MVNO setup can be advantageous because it allows companies to offer their own service plans and benefits while also giving them the reach of a major cellular service provider. For example, UbiFi can offer data plans starting at $129.99/month while allowing more than 200 devices per household on its network wirelessly and 4 devices through a wired LAN connection. Be sure to research the MVNOs in your area before choosing one that is perfect for your needs.