Why Dedicated Servers Have the Best Performance

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Web hosting is a must-have for any business with an online presence, and businesses choose different types of server hosting based on their needs. Some opt for more affordable solutions, while others choose options that will give them more control. However, the question still remains: which server hosting option is the best in terms of performance?

Shared hosting may be the most affordable option, but companies using shared servers often run into performance issues. Since multiple clients are using one server with limited resources, not every site gets the CPU or RAM it needs to run efficiently. Virtual private servers eliminate the problem of fighting for space with other clients. Every client has a specific amount of resources allocated to their needs. However, VPS hosting is still not the best performing solution, because it does not utilize the full power of the server.

Dedicated hosting is the best performing option because all of the resources provided by a server’s hardware are used for one client. You’ll have to pay extra for this option, but you’ll have a whole server’s storage, memory, and processing power to use for your benefit. In contrast, VPS hosting needs to dedicate resources to creating a virtual space for its customers, resulting in fewer resources for clients. Furthermore, dedicated servers are fully customizable according to the client’s specific needs.

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