Delving Into Why Drug Delivery Coatings Are Helping Today’s Medical Field

Medical device coatings continue to enhance modern health.

medical-technologyMedical device coatings and other drug delivery coatings are not a new thing in the medical industry. But, as technology advances and more is being asked of implantable devices, they are a great benefit to medical specialists everywhere. This article will cover drug coating technology and take an in-depth look at the application of it as well.

The Goal of Medical Device Coatings

Medical coatings can ultimately enhance the functionality of devices, improve patient outcomes, and allow for a successful admission of medication. The therapeutic effect, duration, and delivery method of these devices are typically influenced by the choice of therapeutic agent, coating, and materials.

An In-Depth Look Into Some Coating Agents

Through the process of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, one can create a coating type that can bypass the body’s defense system for acute and chronic applications. One of the most commonly known device coatings is the stent. The coating a drug-eluting stent provides accurate site delivery of anti-restenotic drugs and excipients. This then allows for a quick transfer for the therapeutic drug from the device to the arterial site, which then provides more control of restenosis. Other devices also take advantage of the benefits that coatings can bring as well uch as embolic protection devices, which are enhanced by the incorporation of a hemocompatible coating that has the ability to reduce clot formation on the surface of the device. This has proven to help in the recovery and treatment for patients that are suffering from conditions that require such therapy.

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