EDI Mapping for Growing Companies

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Is your company rapidly adding more business partners? EDI mapping doesn’t have to be complicated when your company is growing. Instead of mapping in-house, simplify the process by finding an EDI provider that offers web-based EDI via cloud-based systems. The right cloud-based system can allow you to add data from many trading partners while standardizing all of your inventory, orders, and tracking information.

In-house EDI mapping will be twice as tedious if you have business deals with hundreds of different companies. You’ll already be dedicating time and personnel to handling your EDI documents, so you’ll have to invest even more resources in EDI once your business is scaling. Standard EDI solutions are often ill-equipped to deal with data from many different vendors. As a result, scaling companies often seek solutions such as EDI VANs (Value Added Networks). However, modern technology has progressed to the point that cloud computing can be used to streamline the vast collection of data growing companies can accumulate.

Cloud-based EDI is one of the most scalable EDI solutions. It will save you time and money, and it will keep all of your data secure. With a cloud-based EDI system like ACT Data’s Connectpointz, the process of accurately sending and translating data from hundreds of business partners will become seamless and automatic. It will complete data entry and collection tasks that take hours in a matter of seconds.

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