The Science of Outdoor Working Areas

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Outdoor working areas are not just a trend to make workplaces seem more in touch with nature. There are significant measurable benefits associated with working outdoors and being in the presence of natural light and plants. These benefits are backed by multiple studies, showing that outdoor work areas can improve your employees’ productivity in multiple ways.

Multiple studies have shown that working outdoors has positive benefits for employees such as increased positive feelings, relief from inflammation, increased energy, and better memory. Other studies have shown that too much time in the office can be stressful, but spending just 30 minutes in nature can significantly counteract the effects of office stress. In light of this, happier and healthier employees will naturally do a better job on their daily tasks.

Many major companies are starting to realize this, opening outdoor work areas of their own. Companies with outdoor work areas include Microsoft, Shutterstock, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. With the right resources, your office can also reap the benefits of an outdoor work area.

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