How to Select the Right Type of Power Generator for Your Aircraft

Power generation is a key component in aircraft engines.

When it comes to the generation of power for an aircraft, there are various voltage systems that are used within the industry. Now, choosing what voltage that you want to use within your aircraft is also relatively important. Here are some tips that you can use to help decide which portable power pack or battery system you will use for your aircraft.


For power sources in an aircraft, there must be a power source in the form of an alternator as well as a battery to store the charge. A 12 volt framework (battery) runs on a 13.8 volt (alternator) and a 24 volt framework keeps running on 28 volt. The distinction is set by the voltage controller that is expected to charge the battery when the motor is running.

Choosing Your Voltage

The decision of motor for the most part directs which sort of electrical framework you will require. Rotax motors are sold with a 12 volt framework (starter and alternator). Other motor makers may be have an option for either system. In the event that you already own a motor: check its battery, alternator and starter engine to see which framework it is – this will help the selection process. This can also help decide what type of aircraft maintenance equipment that you will need in regards to your specific type of aircraft and model that you own. Remember, it’s always best to consult with an aviation specialist if you lack the proper knowledge in power generation. This is vital to ensure that you are maximizing your own safety.