Some Easy Maintenance Tips for Your GPU


From basic maintenance to advanced tips, servicing your GPU will save a great deal of money.    

With airplane starting unit costs reaching up into the thousands, even sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars, you definitely don’t want it to fail due to something that could have been prevented. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that should be done while performing maintenance on your unit, but it will go over some of the easier, big ticket items.

Basic Maintenance and Thorough Tune Ups

If it has been quite some time since you last had maintenance performed on your GPU, a great place to start is changing out the oil, fuel, and air filters to ensure they are keeping your portable power unit running as clean as possible.

Another easy maintenance option is checking the various wires and hoses to ensure that they are tightly and securely held, and that there is no wear or damage along their lengths.

Beyond the Generator

One other thing to remember is to also check the non-generator related parts of your unit. It’s easy to get caught up in maintaining the generator and forget to check things like the tires, tow bar, and frame. If one of these break and you can’t maneuver the aircraft maintenance equipment in place, it doesn’t matter how good of shape the generator is in.

Finally, just keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual. And if it isn’t running like it used to, yet you’re not sure why, there’s no shame in bringing it to an expert technician either.