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The General Process of Thin Film Evaporation

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC   Thin film evaporation is a common process that utilizes mechanical generation. Thin film evaporation is the process that involves the thermal separation of products in a highly turbulent liquid film. This process occurs in a specially-designed piece of equipment that utilizes temperature sensitive products, rotor blades, and intense mixing […]

Aircraft “Washing” Improves Engine Life and Maximizes Performance

Your aircraft requires continuous maintenance for both safety and performance purposes. If you’re planning on keeping your aircraft in top-notch flying condition, it’s important that you keep an eye on the engine’s “hot section”. As you might expect, this portion of the engine houses the compressor and other essential parts that are exposed to high […]

Thermal Evaporation vs. Sputtering

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC These two PVD methods both deposit metals onto a substrate, but the question is, do they both perform the same? Physical vapor deposition has become an important process in the deposition of materials onto a substrate. Utilizing vacuum techniques, thin metals are deposited onto the substrate through a variety of […]

Portable Power for Aircrafts

A vital asset to every pilot and aviation expert, read below to understand the functions of a portable power unit. A helicopter starting unit is a mobile device that helps initiate the starting sequence. Due to its convenience and high power, landing pads tend to store several of these in their storage. Many of them […]

Making the Case for Sputter Deposition

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Summary: Learn why sputter deposition provides benefits over other systems. A sputter deposition system is a tool that utilizes physical vapor deposition to allow for a thin film to be placed onto a substrate. Sputtering usually involves argon plasma for it to be effective. One example of sputter deposition is […]

The Evolution of Battery-Powered Vehicles

Jet planes and diesel locomotives both have one thing in common, their source of power. Generated by a heavy-duty battery specifically designed to meet their output levels, technology has advanced to the point where specialty companies are able to sell a portable power pack to aviation or locomotive owners. The Evolution of Batteries The evolution […]